dinsdag 26 juni 2012

Lovely Love Knot

I have been in love with a webshop for a couple of months now (you might have seen it in this post). But because it’s situated in Australia, it costs only a whooping $30,- to get the stuff delivered here….. And since the jewelry they sell on Pink LouLou isn’t too friendly to my wallet either I decided to just keep it to dreaming. But that didn’t keep me from looking at it every once a week. And today my very, very, very sweet boyfriend, who loves me very much (who wouldn’t, right!?) was looking with me and decided to be the best boyfriend ever and order it for me...
Isn’t he the sweetest??!?

Have you heard of Pink LouLou before? 

If not, you should really give it a look!

The Love Knot Ring in the middle will be mine soon! :)

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