zaterdag 21 april 2012

It's a hair thing

A couple of years ago I was at a ZOO, when suddenly I saw this little girl who must have been like 6 years old. And this little girl had the most beautiful hair I have ever seen!
Beautifull long, thick, black curls right to her lower back.
Sadly enough I didn’t have a camera with me, otherwise I would’ve taken a picture and bring it to the hairdresser: “This is what I want!!!”

Even though I know it is bad for my hair, but I only go to the hairdresser once or twice a year. I think it has something to do with hairdressers who seem to think that “just a little bit” is more like half of a meter…  :(
Also, when I was little I was a bit boyish and always had really short hair. When I got older I began to love more girly stuff and let my hair grow longer. Maybe that’s why I don’t like people to mess around with it, because finally i have the length i want (halfway my back)

Here are some random pictures how I would love to wear my hair. Sadly enough, I have really thin and smooth hair, therefor it never stays the way I want, no matter how much hairspray I spray in it.
May hair looks almost exact as the picture right at the top, but without the blond ends.

I don't know where the pictures are from. I found them on the internet and forgot to write down where i got them.

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