zaterdag 26 mei 2012

Copenhagen Love

I am really sorry for the lack of updates lately! I have been very busy with planning a trip (and going on the trip) to Copenhagen for school. To make it up to you, here a couple of Instagram pictures I made there (follow me!). I did not make a lot of pictures, since everyone who joined already made 100+ pictures an hour. Maybe I'll post them later.
Have you ever been to Copenhagen?

If not, you should! I really fell in love with Copenhagen! The architecture, the peace, the people (who dress so well!) and it’s so clean everywhere! I can’t wait to get back, I still haven’t seen all the shops yet :) 

1. Colored houses in Nyhavn
2. Blowing bubbles in front of the town hall
3. View from the hostel
4. Cotton Candy mustache
5. Secret promotion
5. Tiny statue of a protest

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